The Way To Board Your Loft Tutorial

The Way To Board Your Loft Tutorial

Boarding out your personal loft is often a frightening process.

This post gives you every thing you need to know about boarding out lofts. Particulars are presented about insulation prerequisites when boarding out your loft Room.

Why board out your loft?

It’s a great way of attaining excess cupboard space within your property.

Boarding a loft causes it to be simpler to accessibility heating pipes and electrical connections. But only if boards are laid out meticulously adjacent towards the pipes.

It helps make your loft a safer location. As soon as boarded you won’t have to worry about unintentionally falling as a result of your ceiling. You can even move all over large bins without having consistently viewing where you are treading.

Things to consider when boarding out your loft

It can be crucial to look at the kind of insulation you’ll put in, and just how much.

Make certain quick access to pipes and electrical cables when boarding your loft. Preferably board close to pipes and cable If you’re able to. If there is a leak or electrical fault, you require to be certain access is achievable.

Consider how you may obtain your loft. Loft flooring is usually lifted today resulting from thicker insulation being used. On the other hand, you don’t want your flooring raised an excessive amount across the loft accessibility place. This will make it simpler for you to access your loft by using the move ladder.

Tips on how to board your loft In depth guidebook:

What is actually desired?

Loft legs. These are generally plastic legs about 175mm in size. Loft boards are then screwed along with these legs. It is necessary to raise the height within your loft flooring as thicker insulation needs are needed.

Loft tongue and groove boards.

Loft board screws.

Drill with Pozi push (allows speedy screwing)

Basic safety use

Excellent dust mask.


Disposable paper accommodate.

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Action 1 Place and size of loft boarding:

Determine whether or not The entire loft needs to be boarded.

Usually persons only require a tiny cupboard space within the loft.

Huge regions of loft boarding can be quite high priced.

Check out to put your loft boarding near the loft hatch.

Choose an area exactly where there won’t be any drinking water pipes, or anything else you might require access way too. Should you board around these types of factors It’ll be challenging to attain it.

Loft legs elevate your loft ground by 175mm, they can be obtained from local Do it yourself retailers. Therefore you might want to put in a decrease floor next to your loft entrance. This will likely be done be positioning Wooden straight along with the joists.

Step 2 Insulation top:

Insulation specifications for residences have enhanced over the past couple of many years. Most more mature properties have an insulation thickness of 100mm only, concerning the joists. Loft boards were just laid in addition to the joists then screwed in.

Present day insulation demands advised from the Energy Saving Trust are 270mm. This figure relies on glass fibre wool insulation.

Phase three Insulation styles:

There are many different types of insulation in existence, all acquiring diverse Houses. The most typical form is glass fibre. On the other hand, You should utilize PIR insulation boards. PIR foam board is more practical then glass wool by an element of 2. This means 100mm of PIR board is similar to 200mm of glass fibre wool.

Generally clients go for traditional glass fibre insulation on account of its Price tag usefulness.

Step four Putting in insulation and loft legs:

In case you have really aged insulation, contemplate ranging from scratch. The moment all is taken out it is possible to vacuum involving the joists. Make sure to don a mask when coping with glass fibre insulation, as is releases small particles which might be easy to breath in. Also watch out for old nests or hives, assure They are really dealt with properly.

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The subsequent ways think you have got eliminated all your previous insulation initially:

Lay 100mm of glass fibre wool between every single loft joist. Lower the wool to the right size and width.

Now screw the loft leg bases into the joists, employing 4 screws for every leg. Spacing in the legs will rely on the floor panel utilized. Space the legs about 30cm aside for a basic guideline.

You’re not Completely ready for phase five.

Step 5 Putting in loft boards:

Screw your very first loft board down on top of your loft legs. Very first just one should be put in furthest absent from the loft hatch. Use two screws for every loft leg. One particular board ought to have a total of 8 screws in it. Ensure that the orientation of the loft board is right. Tongue and groove boards are created to slot alongside one another.

Slide the second loft board into put, to ensure it joins to the first 1. Now screw the board into your legs beneath it using 2 per leg.

Repeat this method until eventually you lay your entire loft boards.

You have now done the how to board your loft information.

Tips on how to board your loft employing diverse insulation:

Even though highly priced, you may want to consider using PIR boards to insulate your loft. It’s twice as effective then glass fibre wool. Maybe you should only take into account this Should your loft Area is extremely low. The ground will only have to be raised 50mm for those who had been utilizing 100mm PIR boards concerning joints. The 50mm hole is to be certain airflow, enabling any dampness to flee.

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